Introducing BCE: the native currency of our exchange

SLP technology

SLP technology

Built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

Limited supply

Limited supply

Future token buyback & burn

Multiple uses

Multiple uses

Sell, store, and get rewards for holding

The benefits of holding BCE

Priority IEO access

Get priority access to IEOs, including Exchange IEOs.

Exclusive IEO participation

Use your BCE to participate in IEOs and earn extra rewards, too.

Reduced trading fees

Save up to 50% on exchange fees by paying with your BCE.

Bigger referral bonus

Earn up to 30% more on referrals depending on your BCE holdings.

Receive airdrop rewards

Receive other tokens for free based on the amount of BCE you hold.

How does BCE work?

BCE is an SLP token which can be traded freely on the Exchange and elsewhere.

All BCE tokens are created using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP)

Send, receive, & verify the authenticity of BCE using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

Store BCE in your personal wallet or hold it on our exchange for rewards